Phoukhyo (PSEZ)

Phoukhyo SEZ was established in 2010 by a Lao private company. The zone covered 4,850 hectares under a 99-year land lease agreement. PSEZ is developing into a comprehensive industrial zone, new urban centre and commercial areas.

Site B Savan-Seno SEZ

Savan-Seno SEZ Site B was established in 2012. The zone covered ​​372 hectares under a 99-year land lease agreement. The zone has been developed by Namtha Construction Company Limited as a private company with a 70% stake and a 30% joint venture board. The aim is to develop infrastructure, utilities and facilities to accommodate investment. Up to know, there are many well-known companies investing in this site such as Nikon, Logittam and Goyo.

Dansavanh Border Trade Zone

Dansavanh border trade zone hereafter is a zone that promotes production, trade and services based on special management and various forms of special treatments provided by the government to approved businesses which are established and operated within the border trade zone. The zone was established in accordance with the Decree of Ban Dansavanh Border Trade Zone No. 25 / PM, dated 25 March 2002.

Thakheak (TSEZ)

Thakheak Special Economic Zone (TSZ) was established in 2012 by the Lao government. “Thakheak” means “Visitor’s Landing”, was a hub for commercial routes of traders from Laos, Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia. The zone covered 1,035 hectares under a 75-year land lease agreement. Potential investment activities of the zone are cross-border trade, logistic, Tourism and light manufacture.

Site C Savan-Seno SEZ

Savan Park is a joint venture company between government of Lao PDR and A Malaysia company Pacifica Streams Development with one main intention to develop the first free trade industrial, commercial and logistics hub for Lao PDR. This joint venture company named as Savan Pacifica Development Co., Ltd. To develop the first SEZ in Lao PDR which name after Savan Park. Savan Park is established in year 2008.

Site A Savan-Seno SEZ

Savan-Seno SEZ Site A was established in 2007. The zone covered ​​296 hectares under a 75- land lease agreement. The zone has been developed by Savan City Co.Ltd.

Site D Savan-Seno SEZ

Savan-Seno site D is established in ….. , the former developer was Savan CITY Co., Ltd, the developer of Savan-Seno site A, which aims to be developed as a residential area to accommodate those affected by the development of Savan-Seno site A.

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